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Message from the President

We want everyone involved to be happy

The pearls we handle are a bounty of the sea and a gift from nature. The quality and production of pearls vary greatly depending on the natural conditions that year.
The pearl industry is extremely unique, that is a primary industry while having elements of both secondary industry and tertiary industry.

Otsuki Pearl has continued to adhere to a system in which we are involved in all processes from production to processing, wholesaling, and retailing.
The process of gauging pearls with the human eye is essential to bringing out the most of each pearl’s character and allure. We produce, grow, and select pearls, and then we provide them to our customers. Even today, all of these processes are done by hand and eye.

As we see it, increasing the value of pearls makes everyone happy, including the producers, distributors, and customers. Thus, in turn, benefits the pearl industry as a whole and everyone working with pearls.
We are a company that produces special items people will wear by hand, so we cherish people and we create products with value and allure that people will want to wear someday.

President and CEO Kyoichi Otsuki