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For Corporate Customers“Bringing pearls to Japan and the rest of the world ”

Global Wholesale

Global Wholesale

Otsuki Pearl is well known not only in Japan but also has a worldwide fame as the best and largest pearl manufacturer.
It is because our company continues to keep the highest place in export in the industry since 1975.
The company’s ability to meet and satisfy every need of our customers is made possible by our rich stock, highly skilled selection, and high processing technique.
We never fail to satisfy the customers’ expectations, and our sincerity makes our position as an exporter being incomparable.

Business Policy

We cannot submit a price list here because we must consider six factors: size, shape, color, coating thickness, luster, and surface condition for each pearl to be priced, and it is impossible to make a uniform price list for pearls according to the size.
If you are interested in our products, please come to our head office in Kobe.
We will be happy to show you a full line of our products, from which you can find what you want.
If it is not possible for you to come, you can put a tentative order. If you will provide us a detailed information about your request, we will try our best selecting the merchandise to satisfy your request.

Please note that we have the following policies for a provisional order;

  • Minimum amount JPY500,000
  • Advance Payment
  • No refund and no exchange

Jewelry Show

We mainly exhibit in the world’s largest jewelry fairs – Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 4 times one year in Hong Kong.
lso, we exhibit in International Jewelry Kobe, and International Jewelry Tokyo held in Japan.

Why Choose Us


In order to provide quality pearls, Otsuki Pearl continues to be the market leader in terms of the share of first grade products handled each year (cooperative sales). We have established the industry’s highest quality standards, which are also the most detailed, and we strive to supply beautiful, quality products. This also increases the value of pearls, and we believe that increasing the value of pearls benefits the industry as a whole.
Reason .01

A vast inventory

In order to have our customers enjoy doing business with Otsuki Pearl, we are at times able to meet challenging demands thanks to our large inventory. We value doing business with our customers while building a relationship of mutual trust.
Reason .02


Our customers refer to our employees as “People befitting Otsuki Pearl.” What all of our employees have in common is an honest and sincere approach to our customers and pearls. This aspiration is why we have been able to build long-term relationships with our customers.
Reason .03

Akoya Pearls

Classification Regular Size (mm)
Form Style Large Small
Strands Uniform Strands (Choker) 10×9.5 16″ 3.5×3 16″
Graduated Strands 10 momme 3.5 momme
Loose L.P. (H.D) 10 – 10.5 3 – 3.5
3/4Cut (H.D) 10 – 10.5 3 – 3.5
L.P. (Undrilled) 10 – 10.5 3 – 3.5
Enhanced Dyed Natural
Natural Grey
Natural Gold
Natural White

White and Golden South Sea Pearls

Classification Regular Size (mm)
Form Style Large Small
Strands Graduated Strands 18×15 17″ 10×8 16″
Uniform Strands 13.9×13 17″ 8.9×8 16″
Loose L.P. (Undrilled) 18 – 19 8 – 9
Mae-shori Dyed Natural
Gold / Cream
Gold / Cream

Black South Sea Pearls (Tahitian Pearls)

Classification Regular Size (mm)
Form Style Large Small
Strands Graduated Strands 16×13 17″ 10×8 16″
Uniform Strands 12.9×12 17″ 8.9×8 16″
Loose L.P. (Undrilled) 16 – 17 8 – 9
Mae-shori Dyed Natural
Grey / Fancy

※We only provide loose pearls & strands without clasps.